Marie-Laure Bonnaud-Vautrin
Marie-Laure Bonnaud-Vautrin

Expert Appraisal of Line Vautrin Creations

Marie-Laure Bonnaud-Vautrin, as the daughter of Line Vautrin, has inherited her mother's technics, know-how and expertise - particularly to work with Talosel, the resin she named and used for her most famous creations. She is familiar with all of Line Vautrin's trade secrets and distinctive sources of inspiration.

In the early 1930's, Line Vautrin started working with bronze to make jewellery, buttons, boxes, compacts, ashtrays, pill boxes and other bronze objects. In 1950, she discovers a new material - a synthetic resin - which she named Talosel. From there on, she will work with it to make jewellery, fashion accessories, decoration objects (like her reknown mirrors) and other art works.

Today, Marie-Laure has become the only internationlly recognized expert of her mother's works. She is called upon by antique galleries and dealers, as well as by famous auction houses to authenticate both the bronze creations and the resin (Talosel) works of her mother.

Marie-Laure Bonnaud-Vautrin's expert appraisal has, in many cases, helped identify imitations and spot forgery of Line Vautrin's creations and signature.