Marie-Laure Bonnaud-Vautrin
Marie-Laure Bonnaud-Vautrin


Marie-Laure Bonnaud-Vautrin is the daughter of Line Vautrin and Jacques-Armand Bonnaud.

Line Vautrin is a renown designer - now deceased - who worked bronze (jewellery, boxes, compacts, etc.) as well as Talosel - a synthetic resin with which she created jewellery, fashion accessories and her famous mirrors.

Jacques-Armand Bonnaud was a multi-talented artist who painted, designed theatre sets and costumes, played the part, created interior decorations (like for the king of Morrocco).

Today, Marie-Laure carries on the tradition of Talosel design - still using her mother's technics - to make jewellery, fashion accessories (like shoe heels for Christian Louboutin) and other art objects.